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Medling Again - Medly Remixes

Medling Again is a collection of remixes of the album Medly by Medl. Medl contributed all the tracks from each song to the ccmixter sharing framework to be mixed and mashed by anyone who was interested, and these are the result. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Summer Never Came Mix (Summer Came Late this Year Remix) by Cubikbeats
So Many Stars (Muchas Estrellas Remix) by Luke Tripp
Taken Breaks (Given Pause Remix) by dsl
Summer Will Never Come Again (Summer Came Late This Year Remix) by Blue Vitriol
Back Goes Stuff (Stuff Goes Back Remix) by grok243

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Creatively Uncommon 2006

Release Date: 12/15/2006

This compilation was put together by Vocoiders to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Creative Commons, using tracks released under various CC Licenses.

01 Organ Music - Al Hotchkiss
License: v2.5 Attribution-ShareAlike
Location: US

02 Every Good Boy Deserves Favor - Jacob Z.
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: US

03 plusvolume - Reverend Micah
License: v2.5 Attribution-NoDerivs
Location: US
Special Thanks to Girlfight Recordings for contributing this Pre-Release from the full album coming next fall

04 Muchas Estrellas
- Medl
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: US

05 Talk S#!+ - Squelchy with Low Noise Amplifire
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: US

06 Switch - Adhesive
License: Spain v2.5 Attribution
Location: Spain

07 Untitled - Dsl
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: US

08 Ofelia
- Rominger
License: Spain v2.5 Attribution
Location: Spain

- Antuan Graftio
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: Russia

10 future bird conference
- Low Noise Amplifire
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: US

11 Frutta - Lebenswelt & ONQ
License: v2.5 Attribution-NonCommercial
Location: Italy

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MEDL - Medly

"Medly" is the 9 song debut album from MEDL (San Francisco producers Mike Evans and Doug Land). Following in the tradition of synth pop and loop-based electronica, the duo's brand of evocative synthetic melodies has drawn comparisons to the work of such artists as Plaid, Mouse on Mars, Solvent, ISAN, Dntel and Fourtet.

Medly Review on playtherecords

01 Summer Came Late This Year
02 The Bane
03 Muchas Estrellas
04 Given Pause
05 Feliz Naviblah
06 Soft on the Tarmac
07 Triggerhappy
08 Stuff Goes Back
09 Nother Rainy Day

Download Album: Medl - Medly

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

MEDL - Random

01 AnotheRuddYesterday
02 Say My Name

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.


MEDL combines the forces of Squelchy and Dsl. Together they make electronica combining sequences of live jams, samples and acoustic errata.

Squelchy, a.k.a. Mike Evans, has been making music in San Francisco for the past decade - causing trouble and getting free beers as a drummer/singer/guitarist/knob-twiddler with bands like the Shimmer Kids Underpop Association (now the Society of Rockets), Vaportrail, and the Soapbox.

Dsl, a.k.a cable, a.k.a Doug Land, has been creating acoustic havok for almost as long. He's been involved in several other musical projects including The Yellow Lights of Death, pup, and most recently MEDL, as well as occasionally working on tracks of his own.

Together with Low Noise Amplifier, Evans and Land were also co-founding members of the now-defunct Engines of Innuendo, an improv electronica band which combined live instruments with laptops and synths.



dsl - Triad

This is the first "release" I've done. In the past I've released tracks individually as I completed them, but I thought it might be a nice change of pace (as well as inspiration) to do an actual "album". I hope you all enjoy it.

01 Aleph
02 Vau
03 Mem

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

dsl - Challenged

This is my release for the 2008 RPM Challenge [].

The entire thing was composed, arranged, mixed, etc. between Feb. 01, 2008 and Feb. 27, 2008.

1. Come Again?
2. Beauty is only Sine Deep
3. Sunday Brunch
4. All Your Highs and Lows
5. Chicago, 1998
6. Pace Sitter
7. Saturday Morning
8. Nouveau Bond
9. Some Half Remembered Dream
10. Recognized

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.


Dsl, the artist formerly know as cable, has been making acoustic havok for close to a decade now, mostly in the Bay Area. He's been involved in several musical projects including The Yellow Lights of Death, the prolific Engines of Innuendo, pup, and most recently MEDL, as well as occasionally working on a track of his own. The releases under this page are his least-sucky individual compositions.


personal website

Sometime is Now

Entirely conceived, composed, performed and recorded during the month of February 2008 for the RPM Challenge - "Sometime is Now" is the first full solo release from Squelchy in 6 years, and the first time he has added lyrics to his usual mix of beats and synths.

The album is part goth disco, part glam rock, part emo-tronica and all personal - drawing influence from a long list of artists from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, including: Brian Eno, David Bowie, Roxy Music, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ulrich Schnauss, The Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, The Cure, OMD, Depeche Mode, New Order, Soft Cell, Peter Gabriel, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Of Montreal, Figurine, John Tejada, Matthew Dear and Trentemoller.

Download the entire album in a single zip archive here: (, 34mb - 128kbps mp3 files)

Or get individual tracks below (128kbps mp3 files):

1. The Secret History of Us (4:48)
2. Let's Get Away (3:57)
3. Seven Secrets (4:41)
4. Hello (4:46)
5. Blameless (5:38)
6. It's A Business (5:10)
7. The Golden Trebuchet (3:39)
8. Sometimes (5:45)

Squelchy - Truck Month All Year

Truck Month All Year is a compilation of Squelchy tracks produced in 2002 that were originally released as a gift CDR called A Very Squelchy X-Mas. Together, they are Truck Month All Year, here for the first time on the internet. enjoy! :)

01 New Heights (Theme from Truck Month)
02 The Wacky Hut
03 Car Trek
04 Emeryville
05 Long Haul
06 Glubby
07 Uptown or Down
08 Reordered
09 3 pm
10 The Church Loft
11 We Are Listening
12 3 am
13 Cant Stop The Rain

Download complete album in zipped archive

Squelchy - We Want Information

Squelchy's first album, originally released in 2001, is released here on the internet for the first time. An excursion into epic, sample-based music, We Want Information traverses the darker sides of sound collage, downtempo and drum & bass.

01 Introduction
02 The Last Train to Tijuana
03 The Night Watchman
04 Ridertrucktuff
05 Hello Vance (interlude)
06 My Insanity
07 Ticking Time Bomb
08 Down Mexico Way
09 Breather
10 Haloween 2000
11 Fdxlnt
12 Muti
13 We Want Information

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Squelchy - Mixed Fruit EP

Recorded in 2000, this EP was created entirely in (and influenced by) everyone's favorite low-end software sequencer of the time, FruityLoops.

01 Sing Anew

02 Rinasong
03 Longitude
04 Sightlines

Download complete album in zipped archive


Squelchy is the solo project of California producer Michael Evans. Michael has spent the better parts of the past 15 years in various bands and solo projects of the indie-rock and electronic varieties, including Vaportrail, The Shimmer Kids Underpop Association, Society of Rockets, and Engines Of Innuendo. In 2009 Michael re-joined The Society of Rockets as a multi-instrumentalist, contributing his production skills to "Instant City" - a remix of the song "Plug-in City" which was released as the closing song of their new album "Future Factory". In addition to continued work with Society of Rockets and Medl, Michael is currently working on remixes for The New Slave and new music with Cubik and Origami's Matthew Kent-Stoll under the name The Pacific Satellite.

The first 2 Squelchy albums, We Want Information and the previously unreleased Truck Month All Year are now available here on Vocoid.

Sometime is Now (2008)
Truck Month All Year (2002)
We Want Information (2001)
Mixed Fruit EP (2000)

EOI @ The 2nd Annual Guerilla Music Fest

This is an audio and video collection of the sets and intermissions recorded live July, 13th 2002 at the Concrete Beach in San Francisco for the 2nd Annual Guerilla Music Fest.

Full Set
Intermission 1
Intermission 2
Intermission 3

Set - part 1
Set - part 2
Set - part 3
Set - part 4
Set - part 5
[No video for Intermission 1]
Intermission 2
Intermission 3

EOI - EOI02 - Sad

01 Tetal Demector
02 The Remedy
03 Killing Butterflies
04 Going Forward in Reverse
05 Happy Private Life
06 Bad Kitty Lego Face
07 Leave a Note
08 Spotspotting
09 Do You Remember
10 Spectre Inspector
11 Oops, We Didn't Again.mp3
12 The Churchmouse Choir
13 Woke up Tomorrow
14 Tragenation Day
15 and later the same evening...
16 BagPads
17 A Mint on the Breath of Silence
18 Antarctic
19 Ugly Position
20 Elephants On Infrasound

Download Sad as a zipped archive


Our first CD EOI01 is a quick 9-track collection of our first experiments in group improvisation. The songs and song fragments have no names since they were all born out of randomness. Track one features guest DJ Mr. Liftre and track four will soon be featured as the A-side of a 10" EOI record in the works with the good people at Pop Renaissance records.

Download EOI01:

Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05
Track 06
Track 07
Track 08
Track 09

Download whole album in zip format.

EOI - EOI02 - Happy

01 Elves Of Insanity
02 More Mario than Luigi
03 Arigato
04 You Can Choose
05 Everyone's Over IDM
06 All Expenses Paid
07 Icy House
08 Wig Without Explaining
09 Back to the Black Lodge
10 Dreaming of Electric Sheep
11 2 B Tha 1
12 In A Concrete Room
13 I Can't Start My Car, and the Vampires are Coming!
14 Duck and Cover
16 EOI vs The Robot
17 Shaqueena The Beatboxing Whale presents... Don't mess with Rover.
18 Why Did You Resign_
19 Everyone's Over Indierock
20 The Phone Goes________
21 Fields of Giant Lollipops
22 Fin

Download Happy as a zipped archive

EOI - Engines Of Innuendo

EOI is EOL. Please enjoy what tracks we have here. Thanks!


Our Latest CD EOI02 is an ambitious (ok, gratuitous) double CD that collects the best spontaneous moments of our group improvisations from over 100 hours of live recordings made between April and December 2002. Loosely organized into "happy" and "sad" CD's, EOI02 is available as downloadable MP3's of the discs:
Get Happy
Get Sad

EOI live @ The 2nd Annual Geurilla Music Fest, 07/13/2002

EOI Live @ Under the Radar, 10/01/2002
This is a recording of the Live set EOI performed at Under the Radar, hosted at 26mix in San Francisco, 10/01/2002.