Saturday, September 16, 2000


Squelchy is the solo project of California producer Michael Evans. Michael has spent the better parts of the past 15 years in various bands and solo projects of the indie-rock and electronic varieties, including Vaportrail, The Shimmer Kids Underpop Association, Society of Rockets, and Engines Of Innuendo. In 2009 Michael re-joined The Society of Rockets as a multi-instrumentalist, contributing his production skills to "Instant City" - a remix of the song "Plug-in City" which was released as the closing song of their new album "Future Factory". In addition to continued work with Society of Rockets and Medl, Michael is currently working on remixes for The New Slave and new music with Cubik and Origami's Matthew Kent-Stoll under the name The Pacific Satellite.

The first 2 Squelchy albums, We Want Information and the previously unreleased Truck Month All Year are now available here on Vocoid.

Sometime is Now (2008)
Truck Month All Year (2002)
We Want Information (2001)
Mixed Fruit EP (2000)

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