Saturday, September 16, 2000

EOI - Engines Of Innuendo

EOI is EOL. Please enjoy what tracks we have here. Thanks!


Our Latest CD EOI02 is an ambitious (ok, gratuitous) double CD that collects the best spontaneous moments of our group improvisations from over 100 hours of live recordings made between April and December 2002. Loosely organized into "happy" and "sad" CD's, EOI02 is available as downloadable MP3's of the discs:
Get Happy
Get Sad

EOI live @ The 2nd Annual Geurilla Music Fest, 07/13/2002

EOI Live @ Under the Radar, 10/01/2002
This is a recording of the Live set EOI performed at Under the Radar, hosted at 26mix in San Francisco, 10/01/2002.

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