Saturday, September 16, 2000


MEDL combines the forces of Squelchy and Dsl. Together they make electronica combining sequences of live jams, samples and acoustic errata.

Squelchy, a.k.a. Mike Evans, has been making music in San Francisco for the past decade - causing trouble and getting free beers as a drummer/singer/guitarist/knob-twiddler with bands like the Shimmer Kids Underpop Association (now the Society of Rockets), Vaportrail, and the Soapbox.

Dsl, a.k.a cable, a.k.a Doug Land, has been creating acoustic havok for almost as long. He's been involved in several other musical projects including The Yellow Lights of Death, pup, and most recently MEDL, as well as occasionally working on tracks of his own.

Together with Low Noise Amplifier, Evans and Land were also co-founding members of the now-defunct Engines of Innuendo, an improv electronica band which combined live instruments with laptops and synths.



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